Uqbar Office

is founded by Chris Bestebreurtje and Petra Kuipers, is situated in Amsterdam and operates nationally and internationally in the contemporary arts field. The Uqbar team inventories, archives and manages the art collections of private individuals, museums and other art institutions. To this end, an online management system database with a clear-cut design has been developed that provides oversight of as well as insight into the works collected.

Uqbar Office provides professional art lending support such as the compiling of a condition report, transport logistics and the preparatory work required to display the work. The team has thorough knowledge of and ample experience with the various media used in contemporary art.

Moreover, Uqbar Office has an extensive international network of experts and producers who can be consulted or engaged if and when required.

If so desired, Uqbar Office can develop scenarios for opening a collection to the public.


Plantage Middenlaan 25 - 1
1018 DB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Chris Bestebreurtje (+ 31 (0)6 24 76 95 80)
Petra Kuipers (+ 31 (0)6 14 19 81 30)